Why do you need a Modern Workplace – M365?

Microsoft 365, a world of enhanced productivity and collaboration that drives a team to achieve more together, is a complete workplace solution that provides all the apps and services a team requires to do more.

Moving forward from the times when you had to arrange services for email, internal chat or collaboration, apps for the office and the operating system for the normal functioning of a user and on top of it, the management and security tools to keep track of all the workplace service landscape. With the incoming of Microsoft 365, all of it comes under one umbrella for the seamless connectivity of all the smaller pieces that make up the workplace.

The term workplace is used to refer to a physical space where we went and got busy doing our assigned task, adding value to our organization. But there is a big shift in that definition as far as today’s work culture is concerned. the workplace is now an always-connected environment that provides access to all the tools and resources that an employee might need to get his work done.

Basically, it is a location-agnostic event that can happen at any time of day using any connected device. The digital workplace is all about how technology is transforming the type of work employees perform, as well as where and how work gets done.

If we were to list out of the benefits that a modern workplace enriches the users with, it would be as follows:

  1. Creation and Co-authoring
  2. Emailing and Internal Collaboration
  3. Ever-availability on Cloud
  4. A fully configurable Intranet
  5. Device and Application Management
  6. Protection Against Cyberthreats etc.

Now, why would you consider M365 as your modern workplace solution?

  1. Work from Home:

We are becoming more and more mobile in our working style. Unlike before, we no longer have to be present at the office premises to start the work or to deliver the given assignments. With the increasing popularity of working from home, users need one solution that can enable them to be productive and collaborative anywhere.

  • Work on any Device:

Depending on a single device to get the work done creates a lot of liability. In any event where the accessibility to the device is disrupted our working gets disrupted in turn. Microsoft 365 easily solves that problem by keeping your work online and accessible with complete security from any device. Just login on any device using your credentials and you are all set with all the required tools.

  • Undisrupted work continuity:

There have been numerous incidents wherein we or one of our teammates could not work for reasons not attributed to him or her such as the device being stolen, physically damaged or attacked by cybercriminals. Microsoft 365 comes up as an absolute answer to all such highly probably scenarios. Getting ready to face any of these showstoppers is an investment with multifold returns.

We at Mismo Systems, encourage our customers to give away the responsibility of fluid workplace functioning, management and security of all devices and data. Mismo Systems supports businesses to do more to grow more without the worries of day-to-day operations. Let’s all achieve more with the modernization of our workplace! Call us to know more

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