On Premises vs Cloud Computing

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The IT infrastructure, which server is better, on premises or cloud computing has always been a major point of contention. While on premises has a more traditional structure where hardware, software and data is stored on site, cloud computing is more virtual where the data storage and software can be availed and accessed through the internet for remote work. Therefore to make a choice between the…

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The need for a hybrid solution – Azure Stack HCI

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Microsoft's Azure Stack HCI is a hyper-converged infrastructure with virtualization, software-defined networking, and more. What separates it from the rest is it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Azure. It's never been easier to unify your on-premises infrastructure with the power of Azure. We have listed below a few points for why you need this new & exciting hybrid solution for your business:- Azure Hybrid by design Extend…

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Cloud Security – A shared responsibility

We see all businesses small or big, consuming cloud technology in one or another way. The pandemic has increased the adoption substantially and before that security was one of the drivers of moving to the cloud. While we help businesses to realize the benefits of cloud technologies, we are concerned about their misunderstanding (especially small & medium) that moving to the cloud will take away their…

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How Cloud Computing Can Improve Your Business?

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Cloud computing provides users with access to files, applications, data, and services from their Internet-connected devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and computers. Cloud computing also allows data collection and storing in a role that is independent of end-users. How Cloud Computing Can Boost Your Enterprise? This method is intended to allow companies of any size to make use of advanced software and information technology infrastructure to…

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Cloud or On-prem? – All you need to know about moving to Office 365

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Protection and uptime are usual for Office 365 in the cloud. Companies are generating data at an utterly impressive pace these days, and there’s no reason to believe that’s going to change. Although some of this info is not very relevant, there are other forms that could harm an enterprise if it ends up in the wrong hands. That is why it is so important to…

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