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Transforming raw data into meaningful insights through interactive dashboards and reports.

Discover insights hidden in your data with business intelligence

Power BI from Microsoft is the best Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics tool which helps in transforming raw data into meaningful insights through interactive dashboards and reports. Power BI creates a data-driven culture with business intelligence for all and help to discover insights hidden in your data.

Mismo Systems delivers end-to-end Power BI consulting along with associated Data Platform and help your organisation to enable a data driven decision making.

Power BI analytics

Benefits at a glance

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360-degree view of Business

Adopting Power BI as your Business Intelligence tools gives you a 360-degree view of all the data generated from different department (HR, Manufacturing, IT, Finance, Marketing etc) via interactive and easy to understand KPIs & dashboards.

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Analyse data of diverse data sources

Power BI can connect to diverse data sources such as files, databases, Power Platform, Azure, Online services, and many more to analyse and share valuable insights via dashboards & reports, maintaining data accuracy, consistency, and security.

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Integration with Applications

Embed your Power BI dashboards into your custom build application seamlessly, you don’t need to adopt another platform to consume the Power BI dashboards and reports to generate key insights.

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Collaborate within Microsoft Teams

Power BI can be integrated within Microsoft Teams, and you can easily share and collaborate with your colleagues and management.

Power BI analytics

Use Cases

Resource Management

Service companies with multiple projects running simultaneously, needs to make optimum use of resources and manage the tasks better. With following metrices, Power BI analytics will help them achieve it:

  • Count of open projects and allocated resources
  • Resources and task allocated to them
  • Project progress %

Financial Reporting

To forecast and plan for future, every company needs to first understand its complex financial statements, With Power BI analytics companies have following metrices for quick and effective decision making:

  • Cash flow statement YoY
  • Financial ratios
  • P&L and Balance sheet YoY
  • Position of Assets and Liabilities YoY

Sales scorecard

Keeping track of sales is pivotal for any company for their current standing and growth prospect. Companies can take decision based on the following Power BI analytics metrics:

  • Actual vs Forecasted sales
  • Channel, Product, territory, salesperson wise targets and progress
  • Best performing products, channels, territory

Inventory Optimization

For all manufacturing companies management of inventory, a decisive factor in production process. Power BI analytics dashboards provides management with the following reports for better inventory management:

  • Overstock, Understock, and deadstock in warehouses
  • Product/raw material purchases and re-stocking/re-ordering
  • Procurement budgeting and planning across multiple warehouses

Claims, billing, and collection

Companies dealing with claims such as Insurance companies, needs to analyse trends in claims, loss patterns, duration of claim settlement, etc helps reduce risks and effective claim management.

Power BI Consulting

Our Approach

We deliver this engagement in the following six phases:

Phase 1: Assessment

Assessment of business requirement with respect to the following:

  • What kind KPIs, Dashboards, and reports are to be designed
  • What are the Data sources
  • What kind of integration is needed

Phase 2: Planning & Design

This phase involves planning and designing the solution with respect to the following:

  • KPIs, Dashboards, and reports to be created
  • Level of drill downs needed
  • Identifying the end users and licensing requirements
  • Connecting with data sources
  • Security and governance

Phase 3: Development

This phase involves connecting Power BI Desktop to data sources and develop KPIs, dashboards and reports according to the need of the client.

Phase 4: User Acceptance Testing

This phase involves sending the reports to users for testing with respect to the following:

  • Data validation
  • Feedback on the visuals to be used
  • Feedback for cosmetic changes in visual appearance
  • Feedback on usability and relevance for the end user

Phase 5: Deployment/Integration

Once the UAT is completed the KPIs, Dashboards, reports have to be deployment in production environment:

  • Power BI Service (app.powerbi.com)
  • Power BI Embedded – Integration with home grown application
  • Integration with Microsoft Services like, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams

Phase 6: Transition & On-going support

Mismo’s Power BI developers will provide support during and after the KPIs, Dashboards, Reports goes  live:

  • Bug/break fix support for KPIs, Dashboards, Reports
  • Change request – addition/deletion of features or visuals, cosmetic change

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