How is Cloud transforming Industries?

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Cloud technology has been impactful in transforming business. From cost savings to easy collaboration, the usage of the Cloud has significantly increased in the past few years. Cloud technology is so reliable when it comes to safety that 94% of businesses report significant improvements in online security after moving their data to the cloud. 91% said that the cloud makes it easier to meet government-compliant requirements.…

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4 Tips for Protection Against Unsafe Emails

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Earlier, the spotting of malicious content in emails was quite an easy task. However, due to the rise in technology, it has become increasingly difficult to detect this malware. One of the primary reasons for it is that nowadays, these cyber-attacks are planned and executed by professionals, who make it seem like they have been sent from a known contact– might be a friend, your work…

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How is hybrid cloud useful for midsize/large businesses?

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A hybrid cloud can be defined as a cloud computing environment that utilizes a combination of on-premises private cloud and third-party public cloud services with instrumentation between the two. Cloud service providers offer services such as data storage, work environments & security. Businesses can customize their experience to meet their demands and objectives. If we compare the hybrid cloud market to other cloud services in the…

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How to Protect Your Data from a Ransomware Attack

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What is a Ransomware attack? It can be defined as a malware attack that is carried out deliberately to encrypt your data and/or the whole system. In most cases, a ransom is demanded by the assailant to decrypt your data, so that you can access it again. Lately, there has been a surge in the demand for cryptocurrency as a form of payment since it is…

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Build superpower apps, with no code-Power apps

PowerApps is a tool that allows you to create custom apps, leveraging many of the features of the Office 365 and Microsoft platforms. Apps can be accessed via mobile devices or via the browser. What sets PowerApps apart from other offerings is that while it can be used by developers, it can also be used by non-technical employees such as business analysts. This means that it…

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Why do you need a Modern Workplace – M365?

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Microsoft 365, a world of enhanced productivity and collaboration that drives a team to achieve more together, is a complete workplace solution that provides all the apps and services a team requires to do more. Moving forward from the times when you had to arrange services for email, internal chat or collaboration, apps for the office and the operating system for the normal functioning of a…

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Microsoft Teams Updates (June 2021)

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In this blog, we will be discussing the various Microsoft Teams updates in the month of June. Meeting Updates: Presenter Mode During the past few months, this feature has been heavily promoted by Microsoft, finally you can start using this latest meeting feature that gives you an added advantage with respect to how you want to present your content & video feed to your viewers. The…

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Microsoft rebrands Windows Virtual Desktop as Azure Virtual Desktop

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Microsoft’s virtual desktop infrastructure platform has been rebranded under the Azure name and notified of new security and management capabilities that are currently under preview. Formerly known as the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), the platform will now be known as Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Microsoft said in an official statement on the 6th of June 2021. The organization has also launched early access to several features in…

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How Startups can succeed with Cloud Computing?

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Startups are an enjoyable but demanding professional experience. A host of entrepreneurially dedicated professionals pursue their passion and dive into the world of launching their own company with meteoric growth from businesses. E.g., Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb. It is noted that in the fast-paced world of startups, there are a lot of challenges that are not faced in the regular office environment. From infrastructure to marketing,…

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Azure AD SSO & AWS – Connecting the Rivals

Being part of Mismo Systems, I am fortunate enough to get to work on a diverse set of projects. Few technologies that we see deployed often are Microsoft 365 and EC2, S3 on AWS. Microsoft 365 is growing in stature in the Enterprise space when it comes to Identity and Single Sign-On. Microsoft has worked hard to make it ridiculously simple to integrate with SaaS, Public…

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