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What is Budget in Azure and how can you set the Budget?

Posted on March 4th, 2021 by admin@mismo2023

Budget in Azure to manage and monitor the spending or consumed cost for Azure services.

We can apply budget on individual Azure resource, Resource Group and on Subscription level.

We can set the budget for a specific period (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually) how spending is going on for that specific time. Cost can be managed proactively.

We can get a notification when the budget thresholds based on created exceeded value for the total amount.

How can you set a Budget?

Step 1.  Go to Cost Management + Billing> Cost Management>Budgets>Add

Step 2. Create a budget>Give Name, Rest Period, Creation Date, Expiration date.

Step 3. Give Budget Amount.

Step 4. Set Alert Conditions, give Alert recipients email id and Create.

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