Windows 365
Cloud PC

Power & security of cloud combines with versatility & simplicity of the PC for a hybrid world.

Stream your personalized windows experience at any time to any device.

Windows 365 is a simple, powerful and secure personalized cloud PC that can be streamed on any device such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Windows 365 creates a dedicated windows device on cloud which is assigned to an individual user and can be accessed via any device of user’s choice. Windows 365 offers a variety of performance options to suite your business requirement of any size and can be set up quickly and effortlessly.

Windows 365 offers two plans; Windows 365 Business for smaller organizations that want a simple way to manage Cloud PCs and Windows 365 Enterprise for organizations that want to manage their Cloud PCs with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

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Benefits at a glance

Personalised Cloud PCs

First ever service to offer dedicated windows device to individual users to support remote and distributed workforce.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

No need to buy new laptops for interns or contract workers, deploy Windows 365 on their own device and enable BYOD environment in the organisation.

Minimise risk

Windows 365 reduces the data security risk as data is secure and stored on cloud and not on the user’s local device.

Free of local device

Enable workforce to be more mobile and freer by working from any device of their choice without worrying about data or access leakage.

Easier Management of complete Landscape.

Centralized end-to-end management using Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Scale as and when needed

Scale up to 300 Cloud PCs with Windows 365 Business plan and unlimited in Enterprise Plan with a wide range of easy to configure computing options.

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Real world Functions

Remote Workforce

Windows 365 Cloud PC allows for a highly secure and available workplace that enables people to work from anywhere at anytime using the device of their choice. All they need is a computer with active internet.

Contract Users

Setting up user devices which will remain in the system for only a short period of time can be long and untidy work for the IT. Windows 365 cloud PC’s make it much easier for us and help us configure those devices within seconds, automatically.

Big Computation on fly

Use as big of a computer as 8 vCPU, 32 GB RAM with 512 GB Storage for your Task. Just sit anywhere and have the power of big sized machines at your disposal to carry-out most intensive work be it designing, analytics or software engineers.

Shift Workers

Why tussle with the hassle of providing physical machines to all the users working in different shifts, on-board all of them and provision Windows 365 Cloud PCs on their own devices.

Rapidly Growing Workforce

Given the high influx of new talents in the organization, the job for the IT to just keep up with the on-rolling of the new devices and users gets incredibly difficult. Enable BYOD in the organisation with Windows 365 cloud PC.

Windows 365

Mismo Management

We make sure that you are fully focused on your business without a single concern of IT. Let us take away the worries which do not bring you more business, so that, you can go out and do more.

Managed Windows 365 Cloud PC

EndPoint Management

A Customer's Story

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Pricing – Let’s work this out.

Following are the fundamental components that contribute to your monthly bill.

Windows 365 Cloud PC license selected as per the requirement of the user.

For Windows 365 Enterprise additional – Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Windows 11 or 10 Enterprise, Azure Active Directory P1 or any other Microsoft subscription containing all these.

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Brief list of FAQs about Windows 365 Cloud PC

Windows 365 Business, No additional license is needed if you buy Business plan. For Windows 365 Enterprise, each user must be licensed for Windows 11 Enterprise or Windows 10 Enterprise, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and Azure Active Directory P1.

There is no minimum limit to purchase the licenses, but you can only buy 300 licenses of Windows 365 Business. No Maximum limit on Windows 365 Enterprise.

Users who wish to purchase Windows 365 Business license and have Windows 10/11 pro are eligible for Windows Hybrid Benefits (Discounted prices).